The Army Research Institute’s Emerging Research Unit (ERU) conducts applied research and analyses on new and emerging topics in the Army. Current research focus is creating resilient units and managing talent. ERU is investigating how to develop effective methods and measures to assess, enhance, and sustain unit readiness, resilience, and effectiveness. Additionally, ERU explores new approaches for innovations in Soldier assessment, predictive models, and talent management.

Julia Smith


George Mason University

Degree Program:
M.A., Psychology (Industrial/Organizational)

At the U.S. Army Research Institute, I work as a Consortium Research Fellow with Dr. Elizabeth Brady to examine soldier’s attitudes and opinions of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the army. Following incidents of sexual misconduct at Army training centers in 1996, our overarching goal is to assess and improve the human relations climate in operational units and in initial military training. I am primarily involved with editing the briefings of survey results and analyzing data from the reports to suggest improvements for future surveys and improvements for the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) army training.