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Consortium Research Fellow, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), Attitude and Opinion Research Unit (AORU), Ft. Belvoir, VA.

General Skills and Experience for all Post-Doctoral Candidates

Ideal candidates will have the following skills/experience:

·         Strong research background, including experience with planning and executing research to address identified need/problem.

·         Quantitative and/or qualitative data collection experience.

·         Knowledge of multivariate statistics and statistical programs specified in the position descriptions.

·         Strong writing and oral communication skills.

·         Ability to interact smoothly and professionally with representatives of sponsoring and coordinating organizations or other Army agencies.

·         Excellent critical thinking skills.

·         Excellent interpersonal skills, to include teamwork and communication.

·         Strong initiative.

Prior knowledge of the Army is not a requirement for candidates interested in these Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships. Potential candidates must have successfully defended their dissertation no more than three years prior to beginning a Fellowship. Some travel will be required as part of the Fellowship. Qualified candidates must be U.S. citizens, must complete a security background check, and must obtain and maintain a Federal Government Common Access Card.

The annual salary for Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships based at Fort Belvoir, VA, is $81,548. The amount is based on the 2019 Federal Government General Schedule for GS-12, Step 1. Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships offer health care benefits, retirement, sick and safe leave, vacation leave, and life & disability insurance.

Foundational Science Research Unit (FSRU): Basic Research Team

This Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship will support FSRU’s basic research program which includes portfolios of research in personnel testing and performance, formal and informal learning, team and organizational effectiveness, and leadership and context of behavior.  Post-Doctoral Fellows are engaged in all aspects of the research process including research design, development of methods and measures, data collection, statistical analysis and modeling, and research reporting and publication. Post-Doctoral Fellows contribute to the other research efforts within the research unit and team in addition to conducting their individual Post-Doctoral research. This work can support the Fellow’s general career goals by transferring the use of skills learned in an academic setting to an applied setting. Candidates should demonstrate deep knowledge in a topic specific to one of the portfolios. Of particular interest are candidates focused on personnel testing and psychometrics, experiential learning, and computational modeling of organizational phenomena.

Specific research tasks for the FSRU-Basic Research Team will include:

·         Data collection using quantitative and qualitative techniques (e.g., quasi-experimental and experimental methods, interviews, focus groups, surveys, test administrations).

·         Data cleaning and management using SPSS, SAS, Excel, or other analysis tools.

·         Multivariate and longitudinal data analysis using R, SAS, NVivo and/or other analysis tools.

·         Advanced data analysis to include Bayesian methods, network methods (e.g., ERGM, REM), and non-parametric methods.

·         Preparation/co-authoring information papers, conference presentations, ARI technical reports, and journal article publications.

·         Assist with other research efforts as necessary.