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Consortium Research Fellow (Graduate Student), U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), Foundational Science Research Unit, Ft. Belvoir, VA.

This Consortium Research Fellow will work in ARI's Foundational Science Research Unit and will assist with projects related to the study of complex systems (focusing on individual and group behavior in organizations). Potential tasks may include helping to develop and validate new measures and metrics to assess individual and group characteristics; helping to develop and validate empirical and computational models of individual and group attitudes and behavior (especially in areas related to social selection, social influence, and social and cognitive networks); and applying advanced analytical techniques to such topic areas for purposes of empirical research. Additional tasks may include assisting with unit-level activities, including preparing program review publications. The Fellow will assist with theoretical development, literature reviews, data collection, data analysis, and reporting (to include writing conference submissions, technical reports, and peer-reviewed publications).

Ideal candidates will have some familiarity and training with models and methods for network analysis or latent variable methods (such as IRT). Experience or training with Bayesian approaches is a plus; some experience or training with multilevel or longitudinal data is a plus. Candidates must have basic skills in statistics and mathematics (e.g., basic knowledge of matrix algebra) and using R. Experience with other programming languages for scientific computing (e.g., Python, C++) is a plus but not required. Writing skills are important thus a work sample may be requested.

Hourly rates are between $19.60 and $28.00, depending upon academic standing.