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Consortium Research Fellow (Graduate Student), U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), Emerging Research Unit, Ft. Belvoir, VA.

This Consortium Research Fellow will work in ARI's Emerging Research Unit and will assist with projects to conduct two systematic literature reviews on individual and unit resilience. This effort will be conducted using evidenced-supported literature review practices approved by ARI. Additional research activities will focus on assisting in a meta-analysis of resilience concepts and building measures of unit resilience. Students will participate in all phases of the research process (e.g., literature reviews, data collection and analysis, and reporting). The Fellow will complete literature searches and reviews, participate in data collection such as survey administration or note-taking, enter qualitative and quantitative data, perform data analysis (e.g., descriptive and inferential statistics and factor analysis), and document research for ARI technical report publications.

The ideal candidate will have exceptional and professional writing skills, strong data analytic skills, knowledge of and interest in meta-analytic procedures, knowledge and strong experience with SPSS or other analytic software, experience with conducting and writing literature reviews, and interest in the areas of unit and organizational resilience.

Hourly rates are between $19.60 and $28.00, depending upon academic standing.