Pawlos Y. Campbell

Name: Pawlos Y. Campbell
Agency: 711th Human Performance Wing/Human Effectiveness Directorate
Division: Decision Making Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
School: University of Dayton
Program of Study: B.S., Computer Engineering
Synopsis:I will be working with the Battle Space Visualization Branch and most all of my work and research will be conducted with a focus on Space Situation Awareness. As a part of this research, I will be setting up, calibrating, as well as utilizing the new telescope arriving for use in the observatory to collect data as its chief operator. Software development using mainly the Python programming language, as well as some Java and various other languages, is also a large part of my of work here in the 711 HPW/RHCV. Alongside my main focus and research dealing with the telescope, 3D visualization technologies will be a secondary focus of my work.
LaMource Shattuck III, Judson; Schmidt ,Vincent; Campbell, Pawlos (2012). Installation and
Adjustment Procedure for the Portable Pier and PlaneWave DCK 17 Telescope.
Report AFRL-RH-WP-TR-2012-0122. Dayton, OH: Air Force Research Laboratory, 711 Human Performance Wing, Human Effectiveness Directorate.

Dates: Start: 06/2011 End: 01/2013