Melissa C. Gouge

Name: Melissa C. Gouge
Agency: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
Division: Foundational Science Research Unit, Fort Belvoir, VA
School: George Mason University
American University
Program of Study: Ph.D., Sociology
M.A. (2011), Sociology (Peace Building & International Conflict Resolution)
Synopsis: I am currently assisting with research on cross-cultural competence. We are hoping to gain a better understanding of how these skills are gained, the most effective methods for teaching them and how to assess and reward these traits for full spectrum military operations. This work includes review and analysis of extant literature as well as primary data collection with Soldiers. My current focus is analysis of existing cross-cultural training methods and their potential for applicability to a Soldier population.
Abbe, A. & Gouge, M. (June-July 2012). Cultural training for military personnel: Revisiting the Vietnam era. Military Review, 9-17.

Abbe, A. & Gouge, M.C. (2011, October). Cultural Training Methods and Practices in the Vietnam and Post-9/11 Eras. Paper presented at the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Chicago, IL.

Badger, J. M., Gouge, M. C., & Rochette, L. M. (2014, August). Unit Resilience in the U.S. Army: Challenges and Opportunities. In M. Jimenez & L. M. Rochette (Chairs), What’s Next in Resilience Research. Symposium to be presented at the 122nd annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Gallus, J.A., Levy, T.L., & Gouge, M.C. (2011, October). Accelerating Cross-Cultural Competence through Team, Leader, and Organizational Characteristics. Paper presented at the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Chicago, IL.

Gallus, G., Walsh, B., Gouge, M. & Antolic, E. (November, 2012). Poisoned from the top down: An examination of toxic leadership based on past findings, current research, and future solutions. Paper presented at the annual Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Toronto.

Gallus, J.G., Walsh, B.M., van Driel, M., Gouge, M.C. & Antolic, E. (In press). Intolerable cruelty: A multilevel examination of the impact of toxic leadership on U.S. military units and service members. Military Psychology.

Dates: Start: 05/2010 End: 07/2015