David E. Rast

Name: David E. Rast  III
Agency: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
Division: Fort Leavenworth Research Unit, KS (Leader Development)
School: Claremont Graduate University
Program of Study: Ph.D., Psychology (Social; Statistics & Survey Methodology)
Synopsis:I work with Sena Garven and Greg Ruark on various projects related to social influence and group processes. Over the next year I am primarily working on two projects. The first project seeks to identify how leaders interpret or decode nonverbal behaviors (e.g., emotions) elicited by other people, and the subsequent outcomes this has on cross-cultural relations. The second project examines how team member composition affects intragroup processes, as well as group effectiveness. The focus of the latter is how leaders can use this information about team composition to better influence the group to ultimately enhance the group's performance.
Garven, S., Rast, D. E. III, & Ruark, G. A. (2012, August). Beyond trust: Emotion management, perspective taking, and intragroup conflict. Invited paper presented at the 120th American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.
Dates: Start: 07/2010 End: 05/2013