For Current Fellows

This page contains material that will be of use to current Consortium Research Fellows and Consortium Research Assistants. If you feel other items should be included here, please let us know!

Questions, Suggestions, Problems?

We always encourage communication and welcome your comments.  Ask a question, make a suggestion, or report a problem by clicking on "Contact Us" in the navigation bar.  We will reply promptly.

Guide to the Consortium Research Fellows Program

This document communicates basic policies and procedures of the CRFP. Everyone hired into the Program must follow these regulations. Read it online.

Change Your Contact Information

Click here to report a change in home or office address, home or office phone number, or email address.


Here are some forms you may need. Fax completed forms to (703) 998-0220.

Changing Banks?

Fill out this direct deposit form. Remember to submit a voided check for a checking account or withdrawal slip for a savings account with your form. If you have a current direct deposit account, let us know if it will remain open to accept payments during the required "pre-note" period that occurs prior to activation of your new account. If the old account is closed, you'll receive your pay by check until the new direct deposit account is activated.

Need to change your withholding allowances for Federal or state taxes?

Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

State withholding allowance certificates:

District of Columbia

Have you traveled recently?

Here is a travel expense voucher, which you will use to request reimbursement of your expenses.  Review travel policies and procedures by clicking here.